Hi! I'm Andrew Kroll!

I am a graphic designer who creates and designs elements for UI and UX or User Interface designs for mobile and web designs so they can have the best user experience possible while using a mobile or web application.

As a graphic designer, I have been exposed to many different types of designing such as packaging, poster, mobile, web, app designs, and more. The element of design that most caught my attention was User Interface design. User interface design studies the design of a mobile or web application available on app stores. This branch of graphic design involves modern styles and requires simple styles that get right to the point, such as minimum colors, and simple shapes. I personally enjoy this style and type of graphic design because I am really into experimenting with modern styles. User Interface is something that behind ever app that any phone user is indulged in. Being able to create in this type of design areas allows me to create elements that are practical, and useful instead of designs that most people end up not actually being able to interact with. Being able to interact with physically with a design is a relatively new way of viewing design and art, which Is why I love to create this kind of work.


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